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Portable Stainless Steel Oven


It's HOT, It's Robust, It's Portable, It's Sleek, It's Multipurpose...
And it can be used on Gas or Coal Fires.

- It's the BRAVEN Stainless Steel Braai Oven



Why the BRAVEN Braai Oven

Our philosophy is to support local business and the oven’s steel parts and bag are all sourced from local manufacturers.
We are very proud to say that the BRAVEN Oven is made in South Africa.

Use the portable BRAVEN as a Braai or Pizza Oven
  • It is portable, collapsible, durable and simply quite versatile. BRAVEN is possibly the #1 portable, stainless steel oven.

  • The BRAVEN’s simple patented design makes it a unique cooking accessory for the outdoor traveller.

  • Cook and enjoy your favourite foods like pizzas, roasts, oven bakes, fish, chicken, breads, bacon & eggs and more.

  • You’ll be amazed at how quickly the BRAVEN can be assembled, disassembled and cleaned! Watch here

Quality products that are built to last are important factors to us and thus we offer the BRAVEN in stainless steel with a full 5 year warranty. We take Customer Service seriously and look forward to receiving any comments or suggestions you may have.

Cooking with the BRAVEN Oven

Once assembled it’s pretty simple to cook using the BRAVEN Braai Oven.
Make a fire, let YOUR imagination run wild and start cooking…


Once your desired temperature is reached, open the Braven front door using a glove or tongs and then place your food into the oven. Refit the door and monitor the temperature to ensure desired cooking results.

TIP: Place cooked food in a dish on top of the Braven to keep it warm, until you are ready to eat.

Cooking in a BRAVEN is only limited by YOUR Imagination
  • Pizza: Turn your BRAVEN into a Pizza Oven; simply sprinkle some flour or semolina on the tray to prevent sticking and place the pizza on it using a pizza peel or similar item.

  • Roasts (meats & vegetables): Use the BRAVEN the same as you would use a kitchen oven to cook your favourite roast meals. Roast chicken, potato bake, roast vegetables etc.

  • Fried eggs, bacon, sausage or similar: Remove the front door, key and top plate. Cook directly on the tray or turn it over to prevent food from falling off the sides.

  • Breads, quiches, potatoes etc.: Foods wrapped in tin foil can be placed inside the BRAVEN to cook quickly or placed on top to cook slowly (e.g. garlic bread).

TIP: Always pre-heat the oven before use for the best results.

* The BRAVEN is now supplied with a FREE Pizza Peel, Carry Bag & Temperature Gauge valued at R500.
FREE SHIPPING for South African customers only!

BRAVEN Braai Oven Parts

Designed to be portable and light weight yet strong and durable…
Our Braai Oven is made of high quality Stainless Steel.

Oven Parts Checklist
  1. Bottom plate

  2. Carry handles
  3. Tray

  4. Left side plate

  5. Right side plate

  6. Back plate

  7. Front plate (door)

  8. Top plate

  9. Key

Optional extras:

  1. Pizza peel

  2. Thermometer

* FREE Carry Bag Included


* The BRAVEN is now supplied with a FREE Pizza Peel, Carry Bag & Temperature Gauge valued at R500.
FREE SHIPPING for South African customers only!

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